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Tax Credits

MARS STOUT provides optimal screening results and tax credit determination by cross-referencing applicants through our Tax Credit Retrieval System (TCRS) Software. This proprietary software evaluates tax credit eligibility and tracks each qualified associate through screening, certification and credit calculation to ensure maximum tax credit benefits for our clients.




Our comprehensive database covers all fifty states with mapping systems to readily identify location based credits. We monitor new legislation to ensure that our clients capitalize on existing and emerging credits. Overall state credits are abundant in supply while unique to the state and often to each business growth scenario. Let us help you identify the credits and incentives available in your specific locations.







MARS STOUT's Responsibilities

MARS STOUT's tax credit specialists conduct extensive tax credit research, ensuring that our clients capitalize on all existing and emerging tax credits and incentives. The Federal Tax Credits focus on stimulating job development, creating new business expansion and revitalizing economically challenged areas.


Our Performance Measurement System provides daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports to identify tax credits and track program compliance.


Our Incentives Research Department continually expands our comprehensive database which contains over 1200 tax credits, business incentives and refunds throughout all 50 states.


Our Information Technology Services team customize solutions for our clients to capture new or expanded tax credits, as they become available.


Our online process allows candidates to complete screening, as well as sign and send the Form 8850 electronically. We send data from the Form 8850 electronically to all State Workforce Agencies that accept electronic data transfers, which significantly accelerates the certification process.


MARS STOUT – The pinnacle of excellence and integrity specializing in delivering Federal, State and Local Tax Credits and Incentives for our clients.