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Tax Credits

Millions of dollars in available tax credits go unclaimed each year due to incomplete or inefficient tax credit screening processes. We don’t let that happen.

The MARS STOUT team provides optimal tax credit determination and screening results by cross-referencing applicants through our Tax Credit Retrieval System Software that we call TCRS.  This proprietary software evaluates tax credit eligibility and tracks each qualified associate through screening, certification and credit calculation to deliver maximum tax credit benefits for our clients.


Comprehensive screening includes federal programs like the work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), Empowerment Zones, Rural Renewal County Zones and Indian Employment Credits. Our data base also contains tax credits and employer incentives for all fifty states with mapping systems to readily identify location based credits. A response driven, dynamic assessment instantaneously screens for these federal and state programs. We monitor new legislation to ensure that our clients can capitalize on existing and emerging credits. Our tax credit retrieval solution can be accessed through virtually any ATS, as a custom API or through a toll-free call for employers who use a manual application/on-boarding process. We handle the entire process so that our clients can easily claim these revenue-generating benefits without requiring any work from their HR team.

Use our best-in-class tax credit services to ensure that you’re not missing out on unclaimed credits.







The 3 Benchmarks to Achieving Maximum Tax Credits

          Is your company meeting these 3 benchmarks in your tax credit program? If not, you’re missing out on tax credits.


            • 95% - 100% Screening Compliance

                    Are over 95% of your new hires completing a screening process to determine whether they

                    qualify your company for Work Opportunity  Tax Credits?


            • Capturing all Federal and State Tax Credits

                   Do you use a screening process that instantaneously identifies eligibility for tax credits, wage subsidies,

                   training grants,  rebates and refunds for programs in every state, in addition to WOTC and other federal credits?


            • No Time or Resource Requirements for HR or Tax Teams

                   Are your hiring managers spending team completing tax credit forms or chasing down people to

                   complete a step in the tax credit process?


              If your company doesn’t have a tax credit retrieval program in place or if your tax credit service provider

                                   isn’t delivering these critical levels of service, potential tax  credits are being lost.




Delivering Federal, State & Local Tax Credits and Incentives for Businesses.